For economic, safe, and fast building and construction of tunnels, the following preventative measures must be taken:

1. The shape of the tunnel must be chosen according to its function.

2. Cross-sectional measurements of the tunnel must be chosen to attain the economy in its building and construction.

3. Economic computations for the degree of devices and labor must be made prior to beginning the tunnel building and construction.

4. The pattern of blasting the product in various places must be chosen for preserving the speed of driving and security.

5. The series of operations should be chosen so that the correct use of labor and devices is made.

6. Labour needs to be well arranged to keep constant development of the tunneling operations.

7. Outdated or inappropriate tools must not be utilized.

8. Care needs to be required to see that every operation is finished at the scheduled time.

9. The Excavated product must be accumulated in a way ideal to the approach of filling being utilized.

10. filling and carrying of filth needs to be performed effectively.

11. The series and kind of lining must be figured out beforehand to attain the economy.

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12. The selection of multipurpose and consistent kinds of devices must be made, according to the shapes and size of the tunnel.