🔰What Is Green Concrete?🔔

The concrete that is made with concrete wastes which are environmentally friendly, utilizes less energy in its production, and produces less co2 than common concrete is called green concrete.

Most individuals associate it with the concrete that is colored with pigment. But, green concrete does not describe the color of the concrete, instead of it shows it’s ecological sustainability and eco-friendliness.

🔰Why Green Concrete?🔔

The primary active ingredient in concrete is the cement which includes limestone (calcium carbonate CaCo3). During the production of cement, its components are warmed ready to 800-1000°C. During this procedure, Carbon dioxide is repelled. Approximately 1 kg of cement produces about 900gm of Co2. When it pertains to green concrete, it decreases the Co2 emission by a minimum of 30%. It is likewise energy-saving and environmentally friendly than regular concrete.

🔰Materials Used:🔔

1. Fly Ash

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2. GGBS (Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag).

3. Recycled demolition waste aggregates.

4. Recycled concrete aggregates.

5. Glass aggregates.

6. Manufactured Sand.

7. Rice husk ash.

8. BFS (Blast Furnace Slag).

9. Silica fume.

10. Metakaolin.

🔰Advantages Of Green Concrete:🔔

1. It utilizes local and recycled products in concrete production.

2. It decreases by nearly 30% Co2 emission.

3. Sustainable advancement without ecological contamination.

4. Compressive strength and flexural strength amounts to standard concrete.

5. It decreases the result of creep and shrinking in concrete.

6. It needs less repair and maintenance.

7. Reduces total cement usage.

8. It has great thermal and fire resistance in residential or commercial properties.

9. Reduces the dead weight of a structure, craneage load, enable handling, raising versatility with lighter weight.

10. It provides much better workability than regular concrete.

11. Reduces disposal issues of hazardous waste as it is utilized in concrete production.

12. It is as affordable as standard concrete.

13. Better damping resistance in the building.

14. Eco-friendly.

🔰Disadvantages Of Green Concrete:🔔

1. It has less split tensile strength than standard concrete.

2. The expense of reinforcement increases as it utilizes stainless-steel.

3. Water absorption is more than common concrete.

4. The life expectancy of structures develop with green concrete is less than standard concrete structures.


1. It is utilized in building and construction.

2. It is utilized in bridge and dam building and construction.

3. It can be utilized in roadway building and construction.