The laying of terrazzo floor covering can be performed by 2 approaches, specifically, In-situ laying and precast terrazzo tiles laying. The terrazzo floor covering laid utilizing precast terrazzo tiles floor covering, its specs, and laying treatment are gone over listed below.

terrazzo tiles flooring
Fig 1: Terrazzo Tiles Flooring

The In-situ terrazzo floor covering is gone over in the short article- How to Lay In Situ Terrazzo (Marble Chips) Flooring?

🏠Terrazzo Tiles Specification📍

  1. The tiles will be at first grinded and grouted for using layers.
  2. The size of the tiles will be as given up table-1 listed below.
  3. The tolerance in the size of the tiles will be ± 1mm.
  4. The tolerance in density will be +5mm.
  5. The terrazzo tiles will be made under pressure procedures subjected to hydraulic pressure of not less than 140 kg per square centimeter.
  6. The leading surface of the tile should be devoid of forecasts, anxieties, fractures, holes, cavities, and other imperfections.
  7. Where coloring product is utilized in the user layer, it will not go beyond 10 percent by weight of cement utilized in the mix.
  8. The ended up the density of the upper layer of the terrazzo tile will not be less than 5 mm for the size of marble chips from the tiniest as much as 6 mm and the very same smart 5 mm for marble chips, tiniest to 12mm, and 6mm for marble chips tiniest to 20mm.

Table 1: Sizes of Terrazzo Flooring Tiles.

Length in mm Breadth in mm Thickness in mm
200 mm 200 mm 20 mm
250 mm 250 mm 22 mm
300 mm 300 mm 25 mm

🏠The procedure of Laying Terrazzo Tile Flooring📍

🔮1. Laying of Terrazzo Tiles🔀

  1. The base concrete on which the tiles are to be laid will be cleaned up, moistened, and mopped.
  2. The bed linen for the laying of tiles will be cement mortar of the following spec-
    1. 1:2 (1 part of cement: 2 part of course sand)
    2. 1:3 (1 part of cement: 3 part of course sand)
    3. 1:4 (1 part of cement: 4 part of course sand)
  3. The active ingredients will be completely blended by volume in dry type, which will be complimentary type tough swellings.
  4. The density of the bed linen mortar will be 30 mm, and the density at any location will not be less than 10 mm.
  5. The cement mortar will be spread out, tamped, and fixed to appropriate levels, and the tiles will be laid instantly after laying of mortar.
  6. A grey cement slurry of honey-like consistency will be spread out at the rate of 4.4 kg of cement per square meter over the bed linen.
  7. The tiles which are to be laid will be washed tidy and will be fixed in this grout one by one, each tile is carefully tapped with a wood or rubber hammer till it is correctly bedded in the mortar, and remains in level with the adjacent/ nearby tiles.
  8. The joints of the tiles will be kept as thin as possible, not surpassing 1.5 mm.
  9. The tiles are laid in straight lines or in such a way to fit the preferred pattern.
  10. The surface of the floor covering will be examined regularly with a straight edge a minimum of 2 meters long, to get a real surface with the needed slope.
  11. At the locations where complete tiles or half tiles can not be fixed, tiles will be cut (sawn) from complete tiles to the needed size, and their edges rubbed smooth to guarantee a straight and real joint.
  12. Once the tiles have actually been laid, surplus cement grout that might have come out of the joints will be cleared off.
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🔮2. Curing, Polishing, and Finishing of Terrazzo Tiles Flooring🔀

  1. The day after the terrazzo tiles are laid, all joints will be wiped with grey cement grout with a wire brush to a depth of 5 mm, and all dust and lose mortar gotten rid of and cleaned up.
  2. The joints will then be grouted with grey or white cement combined with or without pigment to match the shape of the topping of the using layer of the tiles.
  3. The very same cement slurry will be used to the whole surface of the tiles in a thin coat in order to safeguard the surface from abrasive damage and fill the pinholes that might exist on the surface.
  4. The flooring after laying will then be kept damp for a minimum duration of 7 days to treat.
  5. The surface will afterward be grounded equally with a maker fitted with coarse grade grit block (No.60) while water will be utilized a lot throughout grinding.
  6. After grinding, the surface will be completely cleaned to eliminate all grinding mud, cleaned up, mopped, and covered with a thin coat of grey or white cement in order to fill any pinhole that might appear.
  7. The 2nd grinding will then be performed with a maker fitted with great grade grit block (No. 120).
  8. The last grinding with a maker fitted with the finest grade grit blocks (No.320) will be performed the day after the 2nd grinding prior to turning over the flooring.
  9. For little locations where device polishing is not practical, hand polishing will be allowed.  The hand polishing will be performed with the use of following carborundum stones-
    1. First Grinding- Coarse grade stone (No. 60)
    2. Second Grinding- Coarse grade stone (No. 80)
    3. 3rd Grinding- Coarse grade stone (No. 120)
  10. After the last polish is finished, oxalic acid will be topped the sleek surface (33 gm per square meter) followed by the scattering of water and rubbed hard with a pad or woolen carpets.
  11. The following day of acid wash, the flooring will be cleaned with a damp carpet, dried with a soft fabric, and ended up tidy.
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🏠Frequently Asked Questions on Terrazzo Tiles Flooring📍

1. What is the life expectancy of Terrazzo Flooring?

Terrazzo floor covering is approximated to last as much as 75 to 100 years with appropriate upkeep and care.

2. What is the tolerance in the size of terrazzo tiles?

The tolerance in the size of terrazzo tiles is –
Tolerance in length and width – ± 1mm.
Tolerance in density – 5mm

3. What is the typical density of bed linen mortar to lay terrazzo tile floor covering?

The density of the bed linen mortar for laying terrazzo tile floor covering will be 30 mm, and the density at any location will not be less than 10 mm.

4. What is the joint size of the terrazzo tile floor covering?

The joints of the terrazzo tiles floor covering will be kept as thin as possible, not surpassing 1.5 mm, and are laid in straight lines or in such a way to fit the preferred pattern.