Get a job in Civil Engineering Field in Australia

How to Get Professional Job in Sydney in Civil Engineering Field

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Get a job in Civil Engineering Field in Australia

Today I am going to share my experience about how to get a professional job in Australia especially in the civil engineering field, as I am a student from a civil engineering background so I am going to tell about how to get in a job in the civil engineering field there are many ways to get a job in Australia.

There are different sites you can apply to Seek, Jora, Gumtree and even you can open an account in LinkedIn and you have to make your account is always up to date then the company will sometimes contact with you with some offers like what you want to do and what feels you want to work, then they can just try to contact with you or to LinkedIn.

And like I’m telling you like every time you need to make a good resume first whatever job it is you need to make a good resume me because the resume is the mirror to the employers or other workers like they need to hire you they will they don’t have any experience about you how you work and what about you and what you know.

They will consider the resume as a base for them that you know these things and this man is like going to be important for us, and before applying for any job just go to the company and try to read about the company and just go for the requirements what they need and just try to match up your resume with that because they have the requirement of some software.

And they will shortlist a lot of profiles from these applications.

As I am a Ph.D. student, I am NOT interested to do job right now whenever I just finished my studies, then I will just apply for the job in my respective field so from my personal interest I applied for several jobs and try to remember all of the jobs,

When you are just getting calls and if you are telling that I applied lots of jobs I don’t know which job you are telling about, then they will not hire you they will not call you back, So just make a note that you have applied for those jobs and you should have an idea about what companies you have applied for,

So I just picked some of the companies which are related to my field and then I just applied through them through their website by seeking most of the times I applied to seek or sometimes through LinkedIn as well, then I got a call from them and they are telling me to attend an interview.


I had to face to face interview and on a specific day and then on that very day and I was trying to find other candidates but there was no one there, So I thought that like maybe they have like specific timings for every candidate.

So when they are calling me inside they ask my name and like normal for formal conversation and why do I leave what is my like visa status and everything, and after the introduction, they actually asked me about software’s like Revit, etc, and these software’s are very important in Australia if you want to get a job in the design field.

So I applied for junior design engineer so they just are asking questions like assessing my resume, whatever I have included in my resume they are asking a question on the basis of that, and then they started asking me questions related to engineering.

And they are asking me about like about my master’s thesis what I did and what major factor that I have working on my master’s thesis and everything related to that, after that, she smiled on me and she is telling that they are happy with me and they will let me know, So I was like I was pretty sure that I am going to get this job so.

I was just waiting for their call but even after six days I didn’t get any calls, then I just call them back and enquired about my interview status, and they are telling that as you are well reserved for the post but we are getting some someone better profiles, I am telling that you will get a job it’s not a big deal but I just applied just to want to know the situation right now so this is the experience I got.

I have attended a few interviews, but in order to get an interview call, you have to make a good resume that is what I want to share with you people from my experience.

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