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🔨Surveying Lecture Notes PDF:

Surveying is the science and art of making all vital measurements to figure out the relative position of points or physical and cultural information…

🎯Surveying Lecture Notes PDF

Surveying is an extremely fundamental part of Civil Engineering. It is a fundamental course for all universities for civil engineers. Here in we have actually collected some pdf lectures on surveying. We hope trainees all over the world will discover it handy.

🏠Surveying Lecture 1📝

The following pdf lecture is produced by GAURAV. H .TANDON for the civil engineering trainees. Here the following subjects of Surveying are talked about:

  • Definition of Surveying
  • Objectives of Surveying
  • Principle of Surveying
  • Uses of Surveying
  • Types of surveying
  • Classifications of Surveying
  • Ranging, Tapes, Chains, Linear measurements
  • Chain Surveying
Surveying from GAURAV. H .TANDON

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🏠Surveying Lecture 3📝

🏠Surveying Lecture 4📝

🏠Surveying Lecture 5📝

🏠Surveying Lecture 6📝

🏠Surveying Lecture 7📝

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